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After three years of Game Design at ISART Digital Paris, a year of Game Economy Design in Montreal and several experiences in many companies, I acquired skills that I want to use and deepen in a production.


October 2015 – April 2016

  Game Economy Designer – Exostatic


Put forward recommendations about the clients’ projects in order to improve the grossing revenue of their games by analyzing the market and the different competitors.
Create and balance F2P economy.

August 2014 – January 2015

   Game Designer – Playsoft


Create F2P mechanics.
Balance the different features during the development.
Write concepts document (Game Concept, GDD, Scenario).
Create and balance the system design of a F2P.

Februry 2014 – August 2014

      Game & Level Designer – WeWantToKnow


Create, balance, test and debug more than 100 levels.
Participate to the Game Design (Game structure, UX, creation and improvement of new features).
Organize and analyze playtests.

August 2013 – January 2014

    Game & Level Designer – Visiware


Write concept documents (Game Concept, GDD, Scenario, etc.).
Create levels for different types of game (Hidden Objects, Platformer, etc.).

July 2010 – July 2013

    Writer – Editions Amalthée


Author of « Spiritual Garden », a French novel published in 2010 by « Les Editions Amalthée ».
Promote the book by participating to TV Show and interview (for the radios and the newspaper).
Organize and participate to signing sessions and book fairs.
Present conferences about writing and creativity.



ISART Digital Montreal

Game Economy Design

Game Economy Design, business intelligence, behavioural economics, data science, etc.


ISART Digital Paris

Master’s Degree in Game and Interactive Media Design. Head of class and graduated with distinctions

Game Design, Level Design, Teamwork, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, etc.


I.E.T – Hoymille

Scientific « Baccalauréat » with option « Cinema » – Graduated with honours.



Knowledge of :

Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Premiere


Unreal Engine 4

Game Production

  Knowledge of :


Balancing, Player Behaviour, Acquisition, Retention, Monetization, Business Intelligence, Analytics.

Game & Level Design, GDD, Game Concept, Client Presentation, Writing, Balancing, Playtest organization, Playtest analysis, Iterative process.


French (native speaker)

English (fluent). TOEIC : 845.

German (moderate)


Christophe Belhumeur

Christophe Belhumeur Game Designer – Playsoft

Nathan is creative game designer with a good sensitivity. Enthusiastic, he has a gift for bringing interesting ideas and knows how to defend them. He easily managed to integrate our team in order to be efficient on each requested task.

Patrick Marchal

Patrick Marchal Founder – We Want To Know

Nathan was responsible of the Level Design of the education game « DragonBox Elements ». Hard working and talented, his help was very useful for our production (transforming Euclidian geometry into a game is not that easy). Nathan is also autonomous; it was very easy to lead him in the good direction and come back later to collect the results. And last, all this was done with great spirit and cheerfulness. Great job.


Portfolio Page

Deprecated (2015) – Student Project

Deprecated (2015) – Student Project

Cycling Stars (2015) – Professional Project

Cycling Stars (2015) – Professional Project

Gangsta Boom (2015) – Student Project

Gangsta Boom (2015) – Student Project

Chained (2014) – Student Project

Chained (2014) – Student Project

Dragonbox Elements (2014) – Professional Project

Dragonbox Elements (2014) – Professional Project

Âme Brisée (2014) – Student Project

Âme Brisée (2014) – Student Project

For Sale (2013) – Personal Project

For Sale (2013) – Personal Project

Orikami (2013) – Student Project

Orikami (2013) – Student Project

Chromaniac (2013) – Personal Project

Chromaniac (2013) – Personal Project

Spiritual Garden (2010) – Novel

Spiritual Garden (2010) – Novel

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Nathan Lemaire
Montreal, QC